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Causes and how to treat them

Common dental problems -Causes and how to treat them

Each of the following conditions may cause bumps to develop on the gums: Canker sores More than 50% of people in the United States develop canker sores. These are small, round, painful bumps that may develop in the following areas: gums tongue soft palate inner cheeks lips Experts do not

Older adults who drink tea are less likely to be depressed

Previous research has suggested that there is a link between depression and tea drinking. Now, a new study is investigating this relationship further. Depression is common among older adults, with 7% of those over the age of 60 years reporting “major depressive disorder.” Accordingly, research is underway to identify possible

Natural home remedies for bad breath

Natural home remedies for bad breath

Bad breath is a common issue, and there are many different causes. Potential remedies include water, green tea, and herbal rinses. Persistent bad breath, or halitosis, is usually due to bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria produce gases that can cause a smell. The odor occurs when the bacteria break

What they are and how to treat them

Gum boils or abscesses – What they are and how to treat them?

A gum boil is a pus-filled, swollen bump on the gums. These boils form when bacteria build up and cause infection. The area may be painful or tender. Gum boils, or abscesses, are a sign of bacterial infection. They are more common in people with gum disease or people who