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Dental Implants: Indications and contraindications

Dental implants will successfully restore all kinds of partial edentulism and complete edentulism. Implant-supported dentures are the method of choice in rehabilitating every type of toothless gaps if there arent any general or local contraindications. Here are some situations where dental implants are indicated. The single unit toothless gap with


Ameloblastoma: Symptoms Causes and Radiographic feature of Jaw tumor

Overview Ameloblastoma is a rare, noncancerous tumor of the jaw. Adamantinoma and Adamantoblastoma are the synonyms of this tumor. The name is derived from Amel meaning teeth and Blastos meaning germ. This tumor is frequently seen in the lower jaw, close to wisdom tooth or molar. What causes Ameloblastoma? The

8 Most Common Dental Problems

Overview There are several common dental problems that may occur throughout life. The great news, there are several easy to do solutions that may help improve the health of your teeth. Let’s take a glance. Bad Breath Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is downright embarrassing. According to dental studies,

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Reasons to visit your dentist regularly

Most people visit the dental practitioner about once every year. Most of the people see their dental practitioner less typically. Some go for 5 years while most of them not seeing their dental practitioner ever. There are plenty of reasons for twice-yearly cleanings and checkups. Some higher than others. Here

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Unveiling the Truth behind Common Dental Misconceptions

Dentistry has been evolved from an imprecise practice, which was based on traditional belief to a modern dentistry. Dental practitioners now relies on modern science and technology and researches. But still plenty of misconceptions out there. The wrong dental practice can lead to irreversible damage. So, lets get aware about