Dentistry has been evolved from an imprecise practice, which was based on traditional belief to a modern dentistry. Dental practitioners now relies on modern science and technology and researches. But still plenty of misconceptions out there. The wrong dental practice can lead to irreversible damage. So, lets get aware about common dental myths.

1. Extraction of teeth may affect eyesight

This is a very popular myth around the world. Even some out there claims that they lost their eyesight because of the teeth extraction. But in reality, there will be no such problem after the teeth are extracted properly. Due to anesthesia and swelling you may get a temporary blurred vision.

2. Scaling/cleaning loosens teeth

Scaling and polishing is a routine dental practice, Everyone should go to your dentist at least once in six months. Scaling does not loosen teeth.
There could be some buildup of tartar between the teeth which gets cleaned during scaling. This may cause you to feel that your teeth have become a little loose, but it does not actually loosen teeth.

3. The whiter your teeth are, the healthier they are

It can be true but not always. Our teeth are naturally white, but there are many things that make it darker or make it yellow that is unhealthy, like smoking.

But there are many things that can darken our teeth, which are not necessarily unhealthy, such as the stains of medicine, food, and beverages, or the natural process of aging.

4. The harder you brush, the cleaner you’ll get your teeth.

Brushing too hard or with too much abrasive can really damage your teeth. Some hard enamel protects inside the tooth from cavities and decay.
By brushing too hard people feel like they’re getting them cleaner, but actually, it wears away enamel and even the gums. So I recommend them to use a soft bristled brush and not too hard.

5. Using salt to brush teeth

Salt is a very abrasive substance and it can damage your teeth and damage your teeth. Due to weak enamel safety, you are exposing your teeth to decay and erosion

6. Pregnant women should not visit the dentist

It is mandatory and recommended to visit the dentist and get a checkup done to ensure a healthy mouth. During pregnancy it is safe to get a dental checkup done however, it is best to avoid the first and third trimester. However, regular dental visits are essential as Pregnancy Gingivitis is very common at this time.

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