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superficial layer of the facial muscles

Muscles of Mastication – (Chewing Muscles)

Overview Mastication (Chewing) is the first stage of digestion of food. Muscles of Mastication helps in grinding the food to make them small in size in the oral cavity. Grinding the food is very important, it makes the food smaller in size. Smaller the size of the particle will increase

child in dental clinic

Your kids needs a 6 month dental check-up

Overview Regular dental checkup for kids is important. It is a part of preventive dental care. Preventive dental care can reduce the chances of many dental problems. So, every parent should care about their child dental care needs. During a dental checkup, the dental practitioner or hygienist can clean your

dental visit

Reasons to visit your dentist regularly

Most people visit the dental practitioner about once every year. Most of the people see their dental practitioner less typically. Some go for 5 years while most of them not seeing their dental practitioner ever. There are plenty of reasons for twice-yearly cleanings and checkups. Some higher than others. Here

dental misconception

Unveiling the Truth behind Common Dental Misconceptions

Dentistry has been evolved from an imprecise practice, which was based on traditional belief to a modern dentistry. Dental practitioners now relies on modern science and technology and researches. But still plenty of misconceptions out there. The wrong dental practice can lead to irreversible damage. So, lets get aware about

impression materials

Classification of impression materials

Impression materials Any substance or combination of substances used to record an impression or negative reproduction those are called as impression materials. Impression technique A method and manner used in making a negative likeness. Classification 1. Based on material use A. Inelastic or rigid Impression plaster Zinc oxide eugenol Compound

Local Anesthesia – Action, theories, classification and composition

Local Anesthesia Local anesthesia has been defined as loss of sensation in a circumscribed area of the body caused by depression of excitation of nerve ending or inhibition of conduction of process in peripheral nerve.((Handbook of local anesthesia- SF Malamed 6th edition ch1 p2)) What is local anesthesia? Local anesthesia