Is chipping of the tooth is bad?

Often, dentists are asked questions about tooth chipping: “Is this a big problem? Does not it depend much on the chip? I mean, if this is just a small chip, then not so Maybe bad … or is it? “The answers to these questions are the variations of the same topic.

Yes, breaking the tooth means that it has lost valuable tooth structures and possibly putting the base for extra holes and cracks. Yes, it is. Or you may need root canal treatment if the chips are near the pulp in which there is nerve and the trauma is not adequately cured.

Problems due to chipping of tooth

There are many levels of chipping of the tooth.

According to Ellis classification:

Enamel fracture:

This level of injury includes crown fractures that extend through the enamel only. These teeth are usually non-tender and without visible color change but have rough edges.This is known as Ellis class I.

Enamel and dentin fracture without pulp exposure:

Injuries in this category are fractures that involve the enamel as well as the dentin layer. These teeth are typically tender to the touch and to air exposure. A yellow layer of dentin may be visible on examination. There is no bleeding after the fracture. This comes under class II of Ellis classification.

If you lost event a small piece of enamel, that means you dentinal tubules are exposed. This exposure of dentinal tubules can lead you to dental sensitivity. There may be increased sensitivity to cold water and sweets.

This crack in the tooth also leads to adhere bacteria, as the surface of teeth becomes rough, it increases the chance of getting plaque over it. There will be an accumulation of bacteria in the plaque. This accumulation can result in the tooth decay

Esthetics is also disturbed when it occurs especially in a front tooth.

Regarding repairing a chipped tooth, dentists can repair minor chips with modern techniques using the tooth color binding filler. For chips connected to the structure of bigger and more teeth, the dentist may suggest a crown (top) or a veneer. The most important thing is that if you cut teeth, you will have to see a dental professional for proper assessment and treatment measures.

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