Taipei, Taiwan Parents pay for their children’s education and hope that in their old age children will support them in the future when they are old.

But in Taiwan, a mother, who financed her son’s dental training, claimed that he had broken a written agreement to help him with the income of his dental practice.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court took her to mothers and ordered that she pay her mother approximately $ 1 million.

A lot of attention has been drawn to this matter as the mother and son had dropped in the written code – when she was 20 years old, then the sign was signed – which is often untouched, especially in a huge Confucian-influenced society, Principle emphasizes religiousness is supported by law in Taiwan, where adults are legally prohibited from leaving their parents.

The mother urged the court to implement the contract, the son said that she has already paid $ 1 million to her mother and she should not pay even more.

According to the Taiwanese news outlet, the woman was identified by her nickname, Luo, she and her father raised their two sons after divorce, put both of them through a dental school (her ex-husband divorced After remarriage.)

When he filed his lawsuit eight years ago, the woman said that she had come from a well-known family of doctors.

According to Apple Daily in Taiwan, “When I was young, I came from a naive and wealthy family and got married in a military family, which was not licensed for the practice of medicine,” said Ms. Lu. “I used to sacrifice all my leisure time.”

Ms. Luo’s family provided funds to enable her to run a dental hospital, where her husband, nicknamed Chi, practiced till her divorce.

Ms. Lu told the Supreme Court that when she worked as a daughter to keep her son through a dental school, she was worried she could not help him in old age, so he had 20 years old An agreement was signed on when. Operation of teeth in 2003 became both sons, Apple Daily said.

The agreement states that after becoming a dentist, his son will pay 60 percent of his net profit, as long as the total amount reaches 50 million new Taiwan dollars or less than 1.7 million dollars.

According to a report in The Liberty Times, the younger son told the court that he worked at his mother’s dental clinic and paid more than $ 1 million. Given that he had only signed a contract of 20 years – and he had already paid his contractual loan back to his mother – he argued that his debt should be cleared.

The court, however, ruled on Tuesday that he had signed this agreement as a legal adult, so he was responsible for fulfilling his conditions.

The court asked Dr. Chu has been ordered to pay “Parivartan Charges” of more than $ 754,000, with a total interest of more than $ 967,000 for their mother has been brought.

In Taiwan, the basic religion and education are widely recognized as important qualities, but young people have to face a difficult economic environment compared to their parents. The decision attracted mixed reactions.

A Taipei-based dentist, Woo Chih-hang, 30, said in a phone interview, “I believe everybody needs to do their parents again after their old age”, so I Support the judges’ decision. ”

He said, “I also sympathize with the dentist”. “His mother put a price on raising her son, which is probably a difficult environment for the average person, in which the idea of growing.”

On EBC’s website, a cable broadcaster, a commentator, Jason Chen, gave less sympathy to Mother. He wrote, “The old woman got some serious cash – she got 1.7 million to raise a child.” “I’m not sure if I have to spend $ 170,000.”

But a Facebook user, Huang E-Ling, Dr. Chu was criticizing. He wrote, “Uncontrolled people are under pigs and dogs.”

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