Stop your habit of smoking There are many tobacco consumers in this country. Whether it is smoking, dipping, or any other type of activity, tobacco can leave your mouth, and especially your smile, worse than that, think about it There are countless carcinogens inside a cigarette that can have disastrous effects on the appearance of your teeth and also on your gums and other oral parts including many systemic problems. Yellow teeth are often related to smoking, but your tongue can change yellow as well, it is not just the presence of your teeth, which should be important, your overall health has been put into question with each puff of cigarettes. Oral cancer and other diseases are widely associated with the use of tobacco. Gum disease and other diseases, when you smoke or dip, it can also grow in size and scope. Do yourself a favor stop as soon as possible. It good to stop smoking for your health.

Oral Cancer:

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 90% of oral cancer patients have used some type of tobacco. Did you know that smokers have six times more likely to develop oral cancer than nonsmoker? Simply put, now you use tobacco, your risk for oral cancer is high.

Gum disease:

Tobacco does not do just one number on your teeth, your gums are also caught in practice. The more commonly known as periodontal disease or gum disease, approximately 50% is for smoking-related diseases, it is a celestial number, the only way to counter it is through surgery and non-clinical treatment.

There is no such thing as “safe” tobacco. Your tobacco is bad for your oral health. Some steps may be taken to prevent oral cancer or periodontal disease, or both. All it takes a dedication to become active in your oral and overall health.

It easy to quit smoking all you need is determination. Your risk of oral health problems has decreased dramatically.  As long you are away of a puff, your risk is almost away from you.
Go To Your Dentist Regularly, Perform a regular dental checkup it can do wonders for your oral health. If any symptoms exist, then it can detect oral cancer.
Practice proper brushing and flossing techniques as tobacco are so harmful carcinogens, it can heal your gums. Brushing and flossing can help you fight oral cancer well and you can get help to maintain great dental health.
Smoking habits are never too late to kick. Talking about the use of tobacco, your oral health is a big concern, do not fight with oral cancer or other diseases in life. In order to keep your mouth healthy – possibly to prevent cigarette, dip and other tobacco products.


((American Cancer Society))

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